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t Tile Repairs
t Body Corporate Repairs
Repairs for Real Estate and
Property Management
t Insurance Jobs
t Re Grouting and Grouting Repairs
t Epoxy Grouting (for commercial kitchens)
t Silicone and Expansion Jointing
t Tile Cleaning and General Tile Maintenance
t Sealing to Tiles (Terracotta, Porcelain etc).
t General Tiling
t Renovation and Refurbishment
Project Management for both Refurbishment
and Renovations


Servicing The Gold Coast Since 2004
We say “YES” to any job, big or small
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About FIX A TILE...

FIX A TILE was established in 2004 for the sole
purpose of carrying out general tiling that other
tradesmen were just not interested in doing, whether
they were repairs or just small tiling jobs.

We can also complete large tiling contracts and

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a prompt
quality service to meet all your requirements from
tiling to tile repairs, no matter what size the job.

All our staff are qualified tradesman who have over
50 years experience between them.

We carry all the necessary insurance and licensing
required, making sure that all work carried out
by FIX A TILE meets and surpasses the highest
industry standards.

Therefore we Fully Guarantee all our work.



Having trouble getting a tradesman to fix those
annoying tiling problems?

Well you need look no more as FIX A TILE is here!
At FIX A TILE we realise that nearly all repairs and
maintenance are carried out by either an unqualified
handyman or an unskilled individual simply because
qualified tradesmen are impossible to engage for
smaller jobs.

FIX A TILE offers a quality solution for anyone
looking for a professional job.

FIX A TILE specialises in all forms of tile repair and
maintenance, so you don’t have to put up with those
annoying or dangerously broken and loose tiles.

ABN: 31 078 757 652 BSA: 1064 954
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(07) 55649229
(07) 55646994